A Flicker in the Dark

By: Stacy Willingham

“And in the moment, the moment of the crash, it made me realize that monsters don’t hide in the woods; they aren’t shadows in the trees or invisible things lurkin in darkened corners.”

When Chlose Davis was 12, there were 6 girls that went missing in her town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Chloe’s dad was eventually arrested for the murder of these 6 girls, and called him a serial killer. All Chloe ever wanted to do was to get away from this town and these memories.

Now an adult, Chloe Davis is a psychologist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is engaged to a wonderful man who protects her, planning her wedding, and her practice is successful. But then a local teenage girl goes missing. A reporter gets in touch with her to interview her about what happened in her family, as it is now the 20th anniversary of the killings that her father committed. Then another girl goes missing, and this time she knows her. Everything from her childhood comes crashing back and Chloe is determined to figure out who is doing this. Who is it? Is there anyone that she can trust?

I found this debut novel by Stacy Willingham to be an enjoyable read; a good read. But I did not love it like everyone else seemed to love it. For me, this was a 3.5 star book. Everything felt a little predictable. While the ending may have been a twist, I wasn’t shocked at all.

The writing was easy to read, and it flowed nicely. I never was left wanting more from a character, but I did feel that Chloe was a little over the top as well as a cliche- a pill popping drinking woman dealing with a traumatic childhood.

The author also put a lot of filler language in the book – lots of descriptions and for those that know me, know that I absolutely hate this. Just say it already!

All in all, if you need something easy to read, I suggest checking this book out. You can get your copy here.