An Honest Lie

By: Tarryn Fisher

“She was a void; you couldn’t frighten something that didn’t exist.”

Lorraine, or Rainy as she goes by, meets Grant, picks up her life in NY and moves to Washington state. Immersed in Grant’s friends forcefully it seems like, she agrees to go on a girls weekend to Vegas. But she doesn’t really want to go. The desert is not a happy place for her. The desert brings back bad memories. And then she gets a text, someone has kidnapped Braithe. Rainy’s past seems to have caught up to her. Will anyone make it out alive?

I REALLY wanted to like this book. I thoroughly enjoyed The Wives by the same author, but this book was a letdown. I know I’m in the minority here with my opinion, but alas, it is just my opinion. After reading the last few thrillers that started off with a bang, this one started off slow and boring and basically stayed that way for most of the book. At around 65% of the book things got a little better, but then that quickly tapered off as everything just felt drawn out. The ending was equally as bad. While there was a resolution, it was rushed in a 2-3 page epilogue. This book was really lackluster.

If you like this author, and want to give this book a try, you can get it here.