Blood Therapy

By: J.K. Neve

This book is a strong three stars for me, and it’s because the last 10-15% of the book is amazing.

Ollie is a couples therapist, who has a secret of his own. Ollie has a deal with a divorce attorney, Roger, that he’ll get a kickback for every client Ollie brings to Roger. This seems to be a well working deal until one day Ollie gets a package. Inside, it says that Ollie needs to make sure these couples stay together or someone is going to die.

The first 3/4s of this book lacks action for the most part. While there were some very interesting parts, it was mainly just filler. Because it took so long to get from one interesting part to another, I found it boring. I could have used without a distraction between Ollie and his assistant, Jess. I felt like this really brought nothing to the story, though I felt that there was an intention there that just wasn’t successful.

I was able to guess who the killer pretty easily, which doesn’t happen often for me. However, I did second guess myself for a split second. There was a twist that I didn’t see coming, and I really appreicate that. I’m a sucker for a good twist.

If you’d like to give this book a try, you can Purchase It Here.