By: Judy Foreman

Thank you to NetGalley and Skyhorse Publishing for the ARC of this book.

Dr. Saul Kramer helps couples that cannot conceive to be able to have babies via IVF. He’s helped hundreds of couples have babies this way. He also conducts genetic research and has the help of two others, whom he tells his trying to “fix” embryos that have a genetic disease. In actuality, he’s altering the embryos from being healthy to having a deadly genetic mutation. When babies born due to IVF from his clinic, Sammie Fuller, a journalist, starts investigating. Dr. Kramer is indicted for murder. But why did he do this?

This book should not be described as a medical thriller. There is absolutely nothing thrilling about this book. It starts off with heartbreak and then gets weird. The Dr’s convoluted reasons for doing what he did, a twist of the #metoo movement thrown in, and an attack against the journalist leaves me to believe that this author had an idea, but couldn’t write a full novel and then just stuck random things in. IF anything, this book should be touted as general fiction.

Additionally, the author clearly did not do any research when it comes to legal proceedings. In the description of the book, the author writes that the Dr.’s defense attorney “stuns the world with her defense.” Anyone in the legal field, especially a district attorney that’s been at it for a while, wouldn’t be stunned by the defense. Pundits, blogs, journalists, they would have all seen it coming. Additionally, through the discovery process, and pre-trial motions, discussions, conferences, usually defenses come to light before a trial. There’s no way in the real would, his defense would have been shocking. Moreover, there’s issues with the way evidence is presented. An attorney would never just tell the bailiff to hit the lights to show a video – there is a process to getting evidence admitted into evidence at a trial. Even if there was a stipulation, that would have been mentioned prior to showing the video. It was just all sorts of wrong.

I gave this two stars because I felt the heartbreak for the families. While I have not experienced infant death, I don’t want to even imagine. The author was able to write in a way that pulled at my heartstrings and made me cry.

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