Don’t Look For Me

By: Wendy Walker

“If there was fault, then there could also be prevention, the illusion of control to make life bearable.”

Molly Clarke was driving home one night from watching her son’s game. Even though the drive far, she never missed a game. But 30 feet from a gas station, Molly runs out of gas. Braving the storm that is happening around, she gets out to walk to the gas station only to find it closed. She begins to walk. A truck nears and she waves it down. Inside, a man and his daughter. So desperate to get home, she takes the ride that is offered to her. As soon as the doors are lock, Molly realizes that maybe this wasn’t a good idea.

A search for Molly turns up a note in a hotel room with her clothes, indicating that Molly just up and left, not wanting to be found. But when a new lead comes in, her daughter Nicole finds herself going back to investigate what happened to her mother. The people in the town are willing to help, including the police. Nicole then starts to figure out the secrets people are hiding. Will she find her mother, or did her mother run away?

I read this book on a recommendation for someone who loved it. It was good, but not great; at least for me. I really enjoyed the concept of the book and the ease of the writing. The beginning of the book and the middle of the book were great. It’s the ending that killed it for me. The character’s motives and the pretty little bow perfect ending KILLED the book. I’m not saying that the ending couldn’t be a happy ending, but it was too perfect and it all felt so incredibly rushed.

If you’re a fan of Wendy Walker, you can find this book here.