Every Vow You Break

By: Peter Swanson

“Do you believe there are little pockets of time and space that exist outside of the rest of our lives?”

Abigail Baskin lived a simple life. She went to school, she graduated and she got a job working for a publishing company. She never in her life imagined that she’d be marrying a millionaire. But, that was the plan. She and Bruce began dating and they had gotten engaged. He let her plan the wedding, so long as he got to plan and surprise her with the honeymoon. At her bachelorette party in California, she had a drunken night and had a one night stand When she got back to New York, she believed Bruce was the man she was supposed to marry. One day, while sitting in a coffee shop, she thought she saw the man from California – but certainly, he didn’t fly out to NY to find her. But then he shows up at their wedding, and their honeymoon, believing that Abigail and him are meant to be together. Does Abigail tell Bruce about what happened in California? Will it ruin their marriage? One night while on a private island for their honeymoon, she seems a woman in a nightgown running with blood on her side. When she tries to get help, everyone things it was all a dream. What is really going on?

This book was a letdown. I expected so much more from it. The buildup of what was actually happening took so long, and then the thriller part of it was so rushed. The ending was equally as rushed and just told to the reader in an epilogue. I wasn’t able to connect with any of the characters as they all came across just flat, with no personality at all.

I was waiting for a shocking moment to come, and it just never did. This is my first book by this author, and if the other ones didn’t have great reviews, it would probably be my last. However, I’ll give another book a try soon.

If you’re interested in reading this book, you can find it here.