Hidden Pictures

By: Jason Rekulak

When you eliminate the impossible, all that remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Mallory Quinn has been sober for 16 months and takes a job taking care of a 5 year old little boy, Teddy, in the suburbs. She stays on property, living in the backyard guest house, takes care of Teddy during the day, sometimes has dinner with the family, and can have her time at night. The Maxwells really make Mallory feel like a part of the family. One of things that Teddy loves to do is draw. He typically draws trees, rabbits etc.. But one day, one of his pictures is darker. It’s a picture of a man in the forest, dragging a women’s lifeless body. As days pass, Teddy’s pictures grow darker and darker. The house has a bit of a dark history, so Mallory thinks that someone from the past is trying to tell them something. Mallory sets out to figure out the pictures, come to terms with her past, and save Teddy, but can she before it’s too late?

Wowzers. This book was absolutely unputdownable. It was full of suspense and the true definition of a page turner. Rekulak was simply brilliant with this plot, and the pictures that were included within the book really brought the whole book together, creating a truly eerie atmosphere. The twists that were in the book were a true surprise; there was never any indication that the book was going to go in that direction. For me, this book was a breath of fresh air after reading some books that have been hard to get through. I read this in just slightly over 24 hours. I need more books like this!

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