How Not To Become An Influencer

By: Kathryn Reign

Thank you to Book Sirens for the ARC of this Novella!

Nikki with an i, wanted to find a husband and to become a fashion influencer – her whole life revolved around this. But first her blind date ghosts her, then she is left at the altar, and she can’t seem to make it to 1,000 followers. At this point, she’s ready to give it all up and just become a mom to a wonderful dog. Then she meets Liam. He’s different than any other man she’s met. Will this one stick?

The one thing I really enjoy about a novella is that they are straight to the point with no extra fluff. Everything is in the here and now, and no background information (or at least not too much of it). This book was exactly that – it was a very cute, easy read. The only downside is that there isn’t much character development and scenes/time periods are really rushed. I would definitely enjoy this novella being made into a full novel.

This novella will be available on June 18, 2022. You can pre-order here.