If I Disappear

By: Eliza Jane Brazier

“But she had a reason to be afraid. She didn’t trust anyone because her own child was a serial killer. Not that they ever knew for certain. At least I don’t think they did. But you can feel it, in your bones, when something is really wrong.”

Sera loves true crime podcasts, and one in particular by Rachel. She feels Rachel is speaking to her and providing helpful tips so that when Rachel stops posting about missing women, and goes missing herself, Sera takes it upon herself to investigate Rachel’s disappearance. The more she intertwines herself with Rachel’s world, the more things don’t seem right.

I REALLY wanted to LOVE this book, but it didn’t happen for me. I absolutely loved the concept as I love listening to true crime podcasts. In fact, when the book uses material from “Rachel’s” podcast, I heard my favorite podcaster’s voice. But, the book fell a little flat for me. I wanted more investigation, more talk about the evidence. There were bits and pieces of that in there, but not enough. The ending was blah as well. First, it felt rushed. It then fast forwarded to 3 months later and I felt there needed to be more before that. At the very ending of the book, I was left so confused. I re-read it thinking I missed something.

Overall, it’s a decent, easy read. You can get your copy here.