In My Dreams I Hold A Knife

By: Ashley Winstead

“Sometimes, you really didn’t have to lift a finger to get exactly what you wanted. Sometimes, all you had to do was sit back and do nothing.” 

What was supposed to be a fantastic college reunion for Jessica Miller, turned out to be a disaster. Jessica was looking forward to showing her old classmates, and 5 other friends, that she was different now; she was confident and successful. But it wasn’t too long after her arrival did the past start coming back to haunt them. What was once the East House Seven during the college years, was now the East House Six during the reunion. There is someone who is determined to figure out who killed one of the seven. During the hunt to find the killer, secrets that these friends have been hiding from each other are revealed, and secrets some have been hiding from themselves are revealed.

This book got better and better as I read it. There are so many jaw dropping moments with twists that I never saw coming. I tried on my own to figure out the whodunit, but I was never able to. When it was revealed, my mouth was agape with shock. I personally didn’t like many of the characters, but I did enjoy Coop. The author did a great job of giving each character a distinct personality either you’ll love or hate. This book is well worth the read and it lives up to all the hype it has received.

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