Jar of Hearts

By: Jennifer Hillier

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape and Sexaul Assault

Jar of Hearts starts with courtroom scene where Georgina is testifying what she knew about her friend, Angela Wong’s death 14 years ago. She is testifying against the killer, Calvin James, who is also her former boyfriend, who went on to kill 3 more women and earn the title of the Sweetbay Strangler. In exchange for her testimony against Calvin James, Geo then has to go to prison for 5 years for her part in Angela’s murder.

In high school, Geo, Angela and Kaiser, now a police officer, were the best of friends. Now, Kaiser is investigating new murders. That of mother and child, found in various places connected to Geo with clues that are also connected to Geo. Who is murdering these women and children, and why?

This is a slow burn type of book. I wanted to know what was going on, and it didn’t hit me until the author wanted it to hit me, who was committing these new murders. The author appropriately dropped clues and twisted things in such a way that it kept me guessing. Towards the end, I couldn’t stop turning the pages because I wanted to know exactly what was going to happen.