Little Rumours

By: Bryony Pearce

Thank you to NetGalley, HarperCollins 360 and Avon for the ARC of this book.

In a small own, there are three mothers that bring their children to school one day, wave goodbye, and go about their day. After school, their children go to the park. One does not make it home. Naomi has lived in this town her whole life, Kelly is what they call an “Incomer” – someone new to the small town, and Aleema, also an “incomer” hates living there, but does it to be near to her mother in law to help care for her. The whole town searches for the missing child, but the child cannot be found. Secrets and lies start to emerge as they continue to figure out who took the child, and why.

This book was just okay for me. It is told in three different POVs – Naomi, Kelly, and Aleema. It wasn’t until about 25% -30% of the book does the child even go missing. There’s too much leading up to it, and none of it is actually needed. It was honestly very boring to read. The author likes to describe every little movement. For instance, the book has one of the characters go for a run. The run is down the street, she looks left, she looks right, she turns left, she notices something, she thinks something etc… It’s all just so unnecessary. I saw others describe this book as a slow burn, but it wasn’t even that for me. It was boring up until it got a little interesting. Even the part where we start to figure out what happened, it didn’t grip me, it wasn’t suspenseful, and was just okay.

I was able to give this book three stars because I did not figure out the who or the why, so I have to give the author credits for that. There were some red herrings in there, but it was obvious that it wasn’t those, I just couldn’t figure out who it was. I also think that the reason that it happened was lackluster and kind of insane.

It was an okay read. If you like Bryony Pearce books, you can find this one here.