Lock Every Door

By: Riley Sager

“Every so often, life offers you a reset button. When it does, you need to press it as hard as you can.”

Jules Larsen hasn’t had an easy life. Her sister went missing and her parents died. At the start of the book, we learn that Jules has lost her job and her boyfriend all at the same time. She has no money and is crashing on a friend’s couch. That’s when she sees an ad for a job – an apartment sitter. For three months, she gets to stay in an apartment in a highly sought after apartment building, The Bartholomew. There’s a few rules that she has to follow though. She has to stay there every night, she cannot have any visitors, and she is not to bother any of the residents.

Jules runs into another apartment sitter, Ingrid. Ingrid confesses that The Bartholomew has a dark history. Jules thinks nothing of it, and the two girls decide to meet every day. When Jules waits for Ingrid the next day at their meeting time, Ingrid doesn’t show. Jules gets worried and starts to ask questions about The Bartholomew and the circumstances surrounding Ingrid’s disappearance. What she finds out is that Ingrid isn’t the first apartment sitter to go missing. Will she be next? What is going on at The Bartholomew?

This is my first ever Riley Sager book and I really liked it. Definitely a 4 stars for me. I was immediately drawn in within the first chapter. I loved the “now” chapters because until it is revealed what is going on, they were very suspenseful. Reading other reviews, I noticed that a lot were disappointed as they read another one of his books before reading this one. I think because I didn’t have any expectations coming into reading this book, is the reason why I did find it enjoyable. Did I find some of it far fetched? Yes. Were there certain things that I didn’t like? Yes. But overall, I thought it was a relatively quick, enjoyable read. I really appreciated that there was a lot of dialogue in this book.

If you’d like to read this, you can find it here.