Marked For Death

By: Tony Kent

Thank you to NetGalley and Elliot & Thompson for this book!

London’s retired Lord Chief Justice is murdered, crucified and DCI Levy has to find the killer. Former solicitor is murder, crucified and now DCI Levy thinks they are connected; it should be easy to find the killer, right? Wrong. News Reporter Sarah Truman has been assigned to the story and while she’s investigating the story, it turns out her fiance Michael Devlin is connected, but how? Now, Devlin needs to help bring a killer to justice, but can he survive the murderer?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’m a sucker for legal thrillers. The author jumped right into the action and didn’t waste too much time on background. While it is a part of a series, I didn’t read the first book and this didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this book. Yes, some references were made from the first book, but it didn’t seem like it was necessary to read it in order to follow this book. I didn’t give it five stars because I was able to deduce what was happening really early on, though I didn’t figure out how Devlin was involved. I also thought the book was longer than it needed to be as some parts in the middle dragged on a bit. At over 400 pages, something can be cut out. That being said, for anyone that loves legal thrillers, whodunits, police procedurals, this book has it all rolled up into one. I would definitely recommend it.

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