Mother of All Secrets

By: Kathleen M. Willett

Thank you to Amazon for providing this Amazon First Reads book, available August 1, 2022.

Jenn is a first time mom to baby Clara. Her husband, Tim, tries, but not really hard enough. She is sleep deprived and very overwhelmed. She decides to join a new moms’ group so she can meet other moms in the same situation as her. Meeting once a week, Jenn meets Vanessa, Kira, Selena, and the leader of the group, Islabel. At one of the meetings, Isabel is a no show; she’s gone missing. With blood on the pavement outside of her home, Jenn is convinced something bad happened to Isabel. While she wants to figure it out, the other girls distance themselves from the situation. Is Jenn willing to risk it all to save Isabel? What exactly happened to Isabel?

The book started off great, I was insterested an invested. And then it slowly went off the deep end. I understand that the premise of the book is about new moms, but I felt like the author focused too much on being a new mom then the actual plot of the mystery. At one point I said to myself, “I get it, being a new mom is hard; let’s move on with the story.” It really felt like the author was beating a dead horse with how much she described Jenn’s experience as a new mom. Then came the mystery part of the book. Like the beginning of the book, it started off great, and then it fell flat. I understand reading these books there hasto be a suspension of belief, but the author took that notion and made the reader have to suspend every belief in order to not roll their eyes reading it. The way that the author chose to play out the plot was just crazy – there could have been another way. There was one twist that I didn’t see coming, and for that I would give it three stars. I think with a better editor to steer the author in a better direction, this author has the makings to be great.

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