No Exit

By: Taylor Adams

“You want to know the secret to ruining your life? It’s never one big black-and-white decision. It’s dozens of little ones, that you make every single day.”

Darby Thorne said she wasn’t going home to Utah for Christmas. That was until she learned that her mother had cancer. Darby then heads home trying to beat out the impending snow storm. She doesn’t make it. She has to stop at a rest stop until the plows can come and clear the roads. In addition to the vending machines and coffee maker, there are four strangers at the rest stop.

Trying to get a cell phone signal to call or even text home, Darby goes outside. It is then that she discovers that there is a child in the back of the gray van that she parked next to. When she is able to, she breaks into the van and finds a little girl in the back of the van, locked in an animal crate. Darby then makes a decision, she is going to rescue the little girl. But how? There is no cell signal, no way to escape.. there is no exit. One of the strangers is a kidnapper, but which one? Will she be able to safely rescue the girl and keep herself safe as well?

I had a hard time getting into the book. I think the “setup” took a little longer than I had liked. However, once the author really got into the thick of th story, it was a fast and enjoyable read!

The villian is revealed pretty early in the book, but there are so many different twists that the fact that the villian is revealed early isn’t an issue. This is an action packed book. You will root for Darby and the little girl the whole time.

I also really enjoyed the uniqueness of the storyline – I have not read anything like this before. I have read books where people are trapped but becuase they were kidnapped and put there, not just becuase of happenstance. Some of the descriptions are graphic and gruesome.

Overall, a must read! You can get the book here.