No More Bad Dates

By: Kate O’Keeffe

“Love doesn’t come around a whole lot. If you find it, you’ve got to grab it while you can.”

Sophie McCarthy comes from a family where her other siblings have important jobs, laywers and business owner. Sophie, however, was just a barista at a coffee shop. Sophie also had bad luck in dating – her latest boyfriend dumped her at her bosses wedding, right after they said their vows. Sophie’s two girl friends also have the same luck with dating. So they make a pact for no more bad dates to weed out the bad ones. Sophie’s roommate, Jason Christie, a doctor in training, decides to join the pact so that he can help with weeding out the bad dates.

Now Sophie is trying to navagate what to do with her career and the dates. Her girls seem to be more willing to “pass” a guy so that Sophie may go on a date with him, but Jason seems to always find something wrong. Why is he acting strange?

I really enjoyed this book, it was a nice and easy read. I think the best part about this book was that it wasn’t solely focuse on the romance as is other books. I enjoyed reading about Sophie’s dilemna regarding her career, finding out what she enjoyed, and ultimately what worked out for her.

The author did a great job of having her characters jump off the page. I wanted to be friends with these girls! Who doesn’t love a good karaoke night.

If you like a good, light hearted, funny book, this one is for you. You can buy it here.