No One To Help Her

By: Kate Watterson

Thank you to NetGalley and Joffe Books for the ARC of this book!

A body is found by the side of the road of a woman, shot 5 times, without a coat, and missing a shoe. Then another body is found, shot 5 times, without a coat, and is missing a shoe. And then a third body is found, the exact same way. The missing shoes wind up on the porch of Mick Reynolds – the brother of the first victim. Detectives Bailey and Carter are investigating the murders, but don’t have many suspects in mind. It’s clear to them that Mick is in the center of everything. Just as the detectives seem to be making progress, Detective Bailey gets a little messages of his own. Can they catch the killer before anyone else dies?

While I do realize how hard it is to write a book, that doesn’t mean that every book and every author is going to be for me. That is my experience with this book. I think my biggest gripe with this book is that it’s nestled under the Mystery & Thrillers genre, but the author has thrown in a lot of romance in the book as well. Romance, that to me, wasn’t in the right place at the right time. It’s a personal opinion that when a character’s sister is dead, and the character is grieving, that they don’t particularly care about romance too much. I’m not saying that Mick shouldn’t have someone to grieve with, or care for, but maybe save some of the romance for the end, use the grief as a stepping stone to bring them together. Personally, the romantic parts really just chopped up the mystery and made it so that the book didn’t flow very well.

While this is part of series, I have not read the first two books. That beings said, I don’t think it takes away from this book at all. If I had not known it was a part of a series, I wouldn’t have suspected as much. I’ve also learned from reading a lot of mysteries and thrillers that if an author is trying to make the reader look one way too hard, it’s usually the wrong way. I thought the author here tried too hard to make me look one way. And while I didn’t suspect the murderer, I had a strong feeling it wasn’t who the author was directing me to.

This book will be available on August 10, you can pre-order your copy here.