Razorblade Tears

By: S.A. Crosby

“It’s easier to keep your head in the sand than it is to try and see things from somebody else’s point of view. There’s a reason why they say ignorance is bliss.”

Isiah Randolph, and his husband Derek, are brutally murdered. Their fathers didn’t agree with their lifestyle and they knew it. Isiah and Derek grew up with periods of time where their father’s weren’t around because their fathers were in prison. Now Ike, Isiah’s father, and Buddy Lee, Derek’s father, two ex-cons, set out to find out who killed their boys and why. What they find is a tangled up web and realizations about their own biases.

This book is a solid three stars. I enjoyed the plot of the book, and the racial awareness that the book brings. The book also brings awareness of what those who are a member of the LGBTQ+ community have to deal with – mainly hate and violence. However, there were definitely aspects about this book that I didn’t enjoy. The book was heavy with needless description and metaphors. There is also a lot of violence. That may be absolutely okay for some readers, but it’s not particularly my favorite. And while there was a lot of violence, that was the only action in the book. Moreover, the parts of the book between the violence, and other very interesting parts, were boring. This definitely was not a fast paced read.

It is a decent read though, so you should check it out here.