Something Is Always Happening Somewhere

By: Kelly McClure

“In the end, whether you leave life as a perceived good person, or a bad one, we’re all just someone else’s mess to clean.”

Thank you to BookSirens and WolfieVibes Publication for allowing me to read an ARC of this book; this is my honest review.

TRIGGER WARNING – Rape; very short description of animal abuse.

Dale Travers and her wife Gina move from a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY to a ranch house in Long Beach, CA. They knew that this was their forever home. One night, when Dale returns home from work, she is met with a horrific, life changing event. Dale attempts to pick of the pieces of her life and move on, with not much success. She finds herself drowning in her sorrows. Can she do it? Can she move on with her life?

This novella is a quick read. It is enjoyable. There are a few times when it’s a little hard to read due to the subject content. As a reader, I was really rooting for Dale. I wanted to see her succeed with getting her life on track.

The thing that bothered me about this book is that they talked about organ donation of a person who was already in the morgue. That doesn’t happen. Usually, a person that is an organ donor that either is brain dead or dead by cardiac arrest is kept on a ventilater so that the organ procurement team can do their thing. This threw me off a little as it should have been caught by an editor, if not just looked into by the author.

However, this is a good read and because it’s so fast, I’d definitely recommend it! You can pre-order your copy here!