Such A Good Mother

By: Helen Monks Takhar

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the ARC of this book!

Rose O’Connell’s life isn’t ideal. Born to a con artist father, she grew up poor and when her father died, the house was gone in a deal her father had made. She married Pete, meeting through his sister Jacq, and had a son, Charlie. Living in a small flat in the neighborhood she grew up in. Rose is stuck being a junior cashier at a bank, and Pete’s plumbing jobs seem to have dried up. Rose believes they can be better and do better. When it’s time for Charlie to start school, Rose picks the prestigious Woolf Academy for Charlie to attend. At first, she is looked at like a rat and Charlie comes home crying. That is, until she is invited into The Circle, a group of elite mothers who run the school, after the mysterious death of one of its members. The more Rose gets into The Circle, the more she senses things aren’t what they seem; there’s too many secrets, and just how far is The Circle infiltrated her life?

This book started off with a bang, and just kept giving you jaw dropping moments. The prologue was equally mysterious and intriguing. The story is engaging as well as relatable on some level. I really connected with Rose in the beginning. I’m a working mom, the main caregiver to my two children, and the person that takes care of most thing – doctor’s appointments, school things etc… I really connected with Rose’s inner turmoil about how to solve her family problems that keep her up at night. This is something I do on a daily basis! There are a few twists in there that I didn’t see coming, but again, were jaw dropping moments. The author did a great job at giving each character a distinctive voice, and making you either love or hate a specific character.

This book comes out on August, 3, 2022. I highly suggest you pre-order your copy today! You can do there here.