Tell Me The Truth

By: Kiersten Modglin

“It’s not the first time he’s lied to her. But it will be the last.”

First, I want to thank Kiersten Modglin for allowing me to read an ARC of this book. I’m not even going to wait until the end of my review to say this: You MUST pre-order this book. It comes out on March 1, and you won’t want to wait a day to read it! I finished this book in less than 8 hours!

Edith and Joe’s marriage is not great. He has previously lied to her and Edith will not let him get away with it again. He’s cheated on her before and she’s afraid he’s doing it again when she finds photos of another woman on his phone. He claims that he has no idea how the photos got there. When Edith sets out to figure out who this woman is and why her photos are in Joe’s phone, she uncovers more secrets than she ever thought possible.

This has to be one of my favorite books by this author. Edith was likeable and very relateable. I could see myself trying to figure out who the woman was if my husband was cheating on me with another woman. Also, Dan was FANTASTIC. It was so wonderful that Edith had a ride or die friend in her corner. We could all use a friend like Dan.

Of course this wouldn’t be a KMOD book without twists and turns. There were definitely at least two twists that left me gasping and saying “What?!” The book is fast paced and a true page turner.

Be sure to pre-order your copy today! You can do that here!