The 7 Rules of Moving On

By: Jess K. Hardy

“No matter how brief it might be, no matter how much it might hurt when it ended, when life gave a person a moment like this, they needed to f’in grab it.”

Kissie lives her life by rules, she has always lived her life by these rules. When her friend Dawn finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on here, Kissie took her to Mystic Hot Springs in the town of Twin Hearts, Montana. There they meet Trig and Ryan, who work at Mystic. Kisse and Trig share a moment, but according to her rules, wingwoman are not to hookup when she’s helping her friend move on from her cheating boyfriend.

Two years later, Kissie’s boyfriend, Bryan, has cheated on her. Now, Dawn takes Kissie back to Mystic Hot Springs. Dawn takes ill, and now Trig agrees to be Kissie’s wingman, even though he wants much more than that. In exchange for being Kissie’s wingman, she has agreed to help convince the owners of the of the Resort.

Kissie starts to fall in love with the town of Twin Hearts, as well as Trig. But one night, she starts to break one of her rules, will it ruin all her plans? Does Kissie know what she wants?

This was a very sweet and saucy book! A quick read, and very engaging. There were parts of the book that you could easily visualize in your head and they made you smile. I absolutely loved the description of the little town, it made me hope it was real so that I could go visit! I enjoyed the down to earth characters.

I’m hoping that this turns into a series!

I would definitely recommend this book. It comes out on February 14, 2022. Make sure you pre-order your copy today! You can pre-oder your copy here.