The Atonement

By: Kiersten Modglin

A million thank yous to Kiersten Modglin for allowing me to read this ARC.

Peter and Ainsley are back in this final installment of The Arrangement series. Ainsley thought she could free herself of Peter, but that is simply not the case. They enter into a game of who can outsmart the other. As Peter seems to pull ahead, Ainsley is left fearful. Her instincts are off, and her ability to be one step ahead of Peter is wavering. Is there anyone she can trust? Peter seems to be getting closer and closer, but how?

This book starts off with making the reader anxious about what is happening between the two characters, and keeps the reader feeling anxious throughout the entire book. The Atonement is simply impossible to put down. Modglin has done a brilliant job of bringing these characters to life, making us feel what they are feeling, and keeping us on the edge of our seat. In true fashion, I thought I knew what was going on – I thought I finally figured out Modglin’s mind – but I was VERY wrong! It truly amazes me how I can never figure out one of her books – and this is exactly what keeps me coming back for more. You’d think by now, having read ALL of her books, I could figure out what she is going to write, but NOPE! I am so grateful she made this into a trilogy. For those that loved The Arragement and The Amendment, just wait, this one is even better if you can imagine that! Brava to Modglin on another fantastic book!

This will be available on July 1, 2022. You can pre-order your copy here – and I highly suggest you do that, as you won’t want to miss out!