The Collective

By: Alison Gaylin

“It’s the price you pay for being dumb enough to feel secure in your life.”

I don’t know how else to begin this review without first saying how amazing this book was!

Camille Gardner lost her daughter five years ago. She is grieving; she is angry. Her daughter’s killer walked free, with no punishment. Camille is obsessed with him.

After making a scene at an awards ceremony, Camille is arrested. When she is released, a woman hands her a business card with the word “Niobe.” It is a card that changes Camille’s life. Camille is drawn into the dark web amongst a group of woman in similiar circumstances called The Collective. Fueled by anger, these woman orchestrate their version of justice. They plan revenge killings, with each woman having a specific task to complete in the orchestration of the killings. At first, Camille believes this is nothing more than role playing. But then things get real and she questions whether The Collective is really good or really evil. She soon learns the truth about The Collective, and a truth about herself that will put her life in danger.

This book was refreshing in the sense that it was nice to read a book that isn’t like any other book that I’ve read. A new idea, a different plot. The Collective is the true definition of riveting and a page turner. I couldn’t stop reading this book.

I really felt for Camille throughout the entire book. I thought I knew exactly where this book was heading and the BAM! plot twist! I enjoy a good twist, and this was one of the best. I will definitely be checking out more books by this author.

Run, don’t walk, to get your copy here.