The Fate She Sees

By: Allie Davies

“Her future looks deadly”

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

On the Tube one night, Emily encounters a mysterious man. He claims he a psychic and reads her palm. He predicts that within the month, three people will betray her and that he sees a gun pointed at her head soon.

As his predictions about the betrayals start to come true, Emily is suspicious about the others that will betray her. She sets out on a mission to figure out who it is that will be pointing a gun to her head.

During her investigation into the betrayals, she learns that it’s her husband’s betrayals that may be connected to the man on the Tube. Who else is going to betray Emily, and who is holding the gun to her head?

HOLY DEBUT NOVEL!!! I devoured this book in less than 24 hours. It is abolsutely amazing, and a plot that I haven’t read before. It was absolutey refreshing. This author has a wonderful voice and mind for pscyhological thrillers.

Allie Davies wrote Emily so well that all her emotions and anxieties lept off the page making the reader feel everything that Emily was feeling. I was right along for the ride with her the entire time.

I never once guessed all the connections, or how this was going to end. I just had to keep reading (staying up late) so I could read more and finish the book. I cannot wait for others to experience this book. I also cannot wait to be able to read more books by Allie Davies in the future.

This is a definite MUST READ!