The Good Girl

By: Mary Kubica

“I know how betrayal and disillusionment feel, when someone who could give you the world refuses even a tiny piece of it.”

Mia Dennett arrives at a bar one night and waits for her boyfriend, Jason, to show up. But like many other nights, he calls her to tell her that he’s working late and he won’t be able to make it. Mia decides to leave with a stranger, Colin Thatcher, and maybe have a one night stand. Mia soon finds out that Colin has very different plans. Colin was supposed to kidnap and deliver Mia to is employer, but he decides to hider her in a cabin in a very rural area of Minnesota. Mia’s mother, Eve, and Detective Gabe will stop at nothing to find Mia.

I struggle with Mary Kubica books. I feel as though her style of writing is very confusing – and not in a good way. It’s confusing in a way that I have to do a double take and re-read sections because they just didn’t make sense. I also struggle with the fact that it doesn’t seem like she does any research into some of the topics in her books – for instance, in this one, the trauma response of a kidnapping and how the brain may react.

I felt as though some of the middle of the book was written well. I was enjoying the book, was along for the ride with the characters. I didn’t care for her choice of not having Mia’s voice throughout the book, as it’s written in before/after sections of Eve, Detective Gabe, and Colin. Then we get to the end, which just felt super rushed, and way too easy. I can’t say anymore, other wise it’ll be a spoiler, and I try not to have any spoilers in me reviews.

If you like Mary Kubica books, you can find it here.