The Last Lie Told

By: Debra Webb

You see, the things you do are the things you do. Nothing can change the facts. Others might lie or distort those things, but they never go away. Your choices, your actions are forever. You leave a footprint that can be followed if someone is determined to look closely enough.

Finley O’Sullivan, a former attorney at the DA’s office, works as a legal investigator at her godfather’s law firm. After her husband was murdered, and she was raped, she lost it in court one day and was suspended. Jack, her godfather, takes on a case representing the Legard family, Sophia Legard, and her two daughters Olivia and Cecelia. The investigation into Lance Legard’s murder is being re-opened due to the fact that the convicted murderer is now saying he has new evidence that he didn’t kill Lance. Jack and Finley set out to figure out what really happenedto Lance Legard, research the history of the case and come up with new leads. At the same time, the murder of her husband hasn’t been solved, and it looks as though she may become a suspect. Will Finley crack before she is able to help figure out what happened to Lance Legard?

Webb writes two plot lines, finishing one and leaving the other one hanging to probably be finished in book two. The first plot line is the re-opening of the muder of Lance Legard. There is so much going on with this plot line that it’s hard to focus and actually be interested. The book started off slow, and continued that way throughout. At times, I found it very boring. The second plot line is the murder investigation into Finley’s husband. This felt more like a subplot than an actual plot line as there wasn’t much focus on it at all.

Webb’s writing felt distant. I was never able to connect with any character. Webb also tried really hard to build suspense within the book, but for me it fell flat. I realize that with all the 4 and 5 star reviews, I am an outlier.

The conclusion of the book was foreseeable as the trope was one that has been done many times over. However, one of the twists I didn’t figure out. Additionally, Webb wanted the reader to feel the strain between Finley and her mother, and she did a great job of that by always having Finley refer to her mother as the Judge, since her mother was a courtroom Judge.

I may read the second book as I am interested in what happened to Finley’s husband. This first one will be available on August 1, 2022. I was able to read this as an Amazon First Reads. You can pre-order your copy of this one here.