The Midnight Library

By: Matt Haig

“The only way to learn is to live.”

Nora Seed has decided to die. Her life isn’t what she thought it was going to be and she was miserable. On the night of her death, she is transported to The Midnight Library where she meets an old librarian to guide her. In the library are an infinite number of books, of possibilities for Nora’s life. As she starts to see what her lives would have been like had she made a different decision somewhere, she is tasked with the choice – does she pick one of these lives?

I really enjoyed this concept. While I don’t want to die, I often times find myself contemplating what my life would have been like if I had made different choices. This book invites the reader in Nora’s life – her choices, her regrets, and possibilities. In my opinion, it took too long to get the life choice I wanted to see, but otherwise, I really enjoyed this book. The message that the author is sending with this book is very thought provoking. My struggle with the book was that it lacked depth. I also didn’t particularly care for the end, as I still had questions. I would have liked a more fulfilling ending. Overall, it was a good, enjoyable book, just not a wow book.

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