The Night Shift

By: Alex Finlay

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

On New Years Eve, 1999, when the world was supposed to come to an end, four teenage girls were working at a Blockbuster Video. They were violently attacked, and only one girl made it out alive. Now it’s 15 years later and four teenage employees are working at an ice cream store. They are attacked, and only one makes it out alive. The two survivors have more than just surviving in common. Both survivors hear the words “Goodnight, pretty girl” whispered to them. Now the local police and a federal agent are trying to solve the murders of the girls at the ice cream store, which seems too similar to that of the murders at the Blockbuster Video. Throw into the mix a public defender who is the brother of the suspect in the 1999 murders, they forge ahead on a path to uncover the truth. Not everyone makes it out alive.

This book was enjoyably twisty. As a very fast read, it’s easy to keep turning the pages and losing track of time. I couldn’t wait to find out the link between the characters as each chapter left you wanting more. I enjoyed the fact that his book was dialogue driven, and that there were no dull, long descriptions and filler prose. All of the characters really drove the story, and each of them were equally important to the story line.

I did not figure out the killer, which is something that I like. I was shocked when I did find out who the killer was. I kept going through all of the characters, and I didn’t even stop to think it could be this character. The ending itself was equally shocking!

My only qualm with this book is that I don’t think a federal agent who is 8 months pregnant with twins would be as careless as this one; that’s my own personal opinion and coming from someone who has two children.

Overall, a great read. You can get your copy here.