The One

By: John Marrs

“Maybe when you took it back to the basics, that’s what love really was: just being there for someone when the sun rises and sets.”

How far woud you go to find The One? What if it were as simple as giving a DNA swab to find your match? Would you do it?

This book follows Mandy, Ellie, Nick, Christopher, and Jade, all whom have decided to take the leap and get their match through the company, DNA Match. They are then emailed their match, pay to get their details, and then start communicating with their match. A certain percentage of those matched, feel sparks right away. Others, it takes a bit of time. Some find love, others find a nightmare.

I cannot say enough how much I loved this book. First of all, it is so different than anything I’ve ever read. I’ve read so many husband and wife thrillers, or sister thrillers, books where the thrill is the secret someone is keeping. This book took a modern day idea and turned it into a psychological thriller – to the max!

There were so many twists that I just did not see coming, it kept me guessing as to what was actually happening. The matches could be located anywhere in the world, be any age, any race, with any job. I really enjoyed that there was no limitation to the matches.

The ONLY reason that I didn’t give it a 5 star is that there were a few times that the book felt a little slow for me.

Overall, a MUST read. You can find it here!