The Party Room

By: M Novak

Harry owns a bar, and he’s changed the name a few times. The last time he changed the name of the bar to The Party Room, something happened. A girl wound up unconscious in the bathroom and was attacked. The bar was packed that night. Who is responsible for what happened to this girl?

This was a strange book for me. I know the few people that have posted reviews liked the fact that it was told in many different character’s perspectives. And it’s nice to have that. But there are no chapters, it is just one long continuous story with different character names above each section.

The book itself was only about 185 pages. It should not take until 70% of the book for any action to take place that was part of the plot of the book. Everything up until then was just background and some set up. I thought that a book with 185 pages would only take me a day, maybe two. I’ve read longer books in shorter amount of time. It took me days to finish this because it just was boring until the action happened. I don’t even blame the author, whoever edited this should have realized that the plot didn’t even really begin until that late in the book. Then the point of the book, figuring out who was responsible, happened so fast that it was not worth the read.

Additonally, the author had a female character say “if she hadn’t dressed like that, she wouldn’t have been attacked.” Granted, the character said a small part of her felt that way, I felt that his put woman back so many years. We should be beyond comments like this nowadays. This book was published in 2021, not the 1980s.

My recommendation: Don’t bother with this book.