The Push

By: Ashley Audrain

“These are the thoughts I never let leave my lips. These are the thoughts most mothers don’t have.

Ashley Audrain hit it out of the park with her debut novel, “The Push.” The Push is a story about Blythe Connor’s journey though motherhood and marriage while remembering her past.

Blythe Conner had a great marriage. But one thing that her husband wanted was kids. Blythe, who had a family history of mothers not being good mothers, wasn’t sure it was what she wanted. She had Violet because her husband wanted to. Blythe struggled to connect with Violet while also thinking that the child may be a “bad seed;” motherhood did not come easy to her. That is, until she had Sam. The light of her life. Now she felt how mother’s are supposed to feel. Her struggles with Violet continue and her marriage starts to fall apart.

I enthusiastically give this book 4 stars! Ashley Audrain brought her characters to life, making me feel everything that Blythe was feeling. I connected to Blythe on some level. I strugged connecting to my first child due to PPD. When I had my second, I went on medication to make sure that didn’t happen, and I bonded with him easily. I, too, have also said things that most mothers don’t say, and I’ve thought even more.

This book will give you all the feels; it can be, at times, gutwrenching and heart breaking.

I really enjoyed the short chapters, it made reading it go quickly and it also made me want to read more. It’s the first book in a few weeks that I was able to finish in two days.

This is a MUST READ!!! You can find the book here.