The Right Swipe

By: Alisha Rai

“But trust in relationships is like fragile glass. How can you build on a cracked foundation? How can you be sure you’re getting the turth? You have to protect your own heart. no on else will do it for you.”

Rhiannon Hunter created Crush, a successful dating app, after she left her former company, Swype. She attended a conference, where she appeared on a panel alongside the new spokesperson, Samson Lima, for her company’s competitor, MatchMaker. MatchMaker is an online dating website, with an app, which has you fill out a 100 question questionnaire in order to be matched percentage wise with somene else. Rhiannon and Samson are no strangers; they met for a rendexvous months ago when Rhiannon used her middle name, Claire. Samson had asked to see her again and then ghosted her.

After this conference, Rhiannon and Samson find themselves thrown together again as they make a limited, self shot, series about dating. In the meantime, Samson’s feeling for Rhiannon are growing stronger, but Rhiannon has trust issues. She has stated time and time again, she was only in it for the fun, nothing serious. Career wise, Rhiannon wants to buy Matchmaker. However, her old boss from Swype and also ex-boyfriend, wants to buy it as well. Rhiannon is afraid of him, as he has something on her. So what happens between Samson and Rhiannon, and what happens with Rhiannon’s business ventures?

I didn’t love this book, and I didn’t hate this book. It was just okay for me. I thought that this was going to be a quick read, and then wound up taking me 4 days. I didn’t yearn to read it; I wasn’t itching to pick it up. I finished reading it so that I could move onto my next book. It left me rather bored.

Rhiannon is a boss lady; a shark. I know that it’s supposed portray women empowerment, but it felt over the top. Rhiannon lacked depth. Samson lacked depth as well. I do realize the author gave him a story line that it supposed to be emotional, but the author’s writing didn’t tug at my heart strings the way other author’s have. Rhiannon is quick to write people off, without giving them second chances – no wonder she doesn’t have many people in her life!

I didn’t geel the chemistry between the characters, so everything felt forced to me. The sex scenes were also written poorly, as if a teenager was writing them!

I think my favorite part about this book was that there were a lot of good quotes!

But hey, if you’re interested in giving this one a try, you can find it here.