The Searcher

By: Tana French

Detective Cal Hooper retired and moved to a very rural area in Ireland. He bought an old cottage, which he planned to fix up little by little. He wanted to take walks in the mountains, and leave his police life behind him. Then, a little boy approaches him. Cal and him work on the house and slowly the little boy, Trey, reveals that his brother has been missing. Trey stresses that his brother, Brendan, would have never just left; he and his brother were very close. Trey appeals to Cal for his help. Now, Cal is in deep trying to figure out what happened to Brendan.

This was my first ever audio book, and I thought it was horrible. In regards to the audiobook, the narrator’s voice startled me and he was very monotone. It was difficult to listen to.

In regards to the book itself – it was not a good read, in my opinion. It was way too long and unnecessarily so. The first chapter alone is so long just because the author decided she needed to describe every little detail. Also, there was too much useless background information. It took so long for the book to get the plot, the beginning up until that point could have been cut down to pages!

Later on in the book, things got a bit more interesting, but it wasn’t until about chapters 16, 17, 18 was there any action. There was a surprise earlier than that that I didn’t see coming (hence the two stars instead of one), but it was so small and insignificant.

Overall, this book just wasn’t for me.

If your interested in the book, you can find it here.