Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases

By: Paul Holes

““I don’t know if I can solve your case,” I whisper. “But I promise I will do my best.”

Criminologist Paul Holes has dedicated his life to solving cold cases in America. He has worked on some of the most famous cases in the country, including Laci Peterson, Jaycee Dugard, and The Golden State killer. In this book, Holes details how he got started, the toll it took on his marriage, and how he wouldn’t let up. He is a true advocate for the victims.

I have known of Paul Holes for a while. I listened to his Podcast and have followed his work. For those that have known of him as well, i.e. his fans, I could literally hear his deep voice narrating the book as I read it. Holes does not make little of his obsession to solve cases, and he shines a light on how his obsession was detrimental to his life. It was very interesting to read how his mind worked when he was solving cases, or examining a crime scene. It’s something that I always wish I had gone into. And for me, this book is more than about Holes’ life solving cold cases; this book gives homage to the victims. Holes fights for victims like none I have ever seen.

I’ve read some reviews that wanted more information about GSK, but that’s not what this book is about. If you want to read that, go read I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. This book was about Holes’ life, his journey, and what got him to where he is today. I cannot wait to see how many more people Holes will help. I’ve never been a victim in a crime like he’s had to deal with, but I’m sure those that have been would be grateful to have Holes on their side.

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