We Are All The Same In The Dark

By: Julia Heaberlin

“The truth is, I’m not brave. I’m not even that willing. I’m just more afraid of one thing happening than the other.”

Trumanell Branson disappeared 10 years ago, leaving behind a grieving town, and a grieving brother, Wyatt.  Many believe that it is Wyatt that killed his sister and that he is a danger to others.  Officer Odette Tucker has been obsessed with figuring out what happened to Trumanell Bronson.  When Odette is tipped off that Wyatt has a girl at his house, Odette finds that Wyatt picked up a lost girl that was dumped by the side of the highway.  Naming her Angel, as the girl won’t speak, Odette is determined to help her, and in turn once and for all figure out what exactly happened to Turmanell.

The description of this book on Goodreads says, “In this twisty psychological thriller, Julia Haeberlin paints unforgettable portraits of a woman and a girl who redefine perceptions of physical beauty and strength.”  This book absolutely redefined the perceptions of beauty and strength, but I felt like that’s all that it did. For me, this book wasn’t twisty.  I was not gripped from the beginning, and it did not keep me on the edge of my seat.

Heaberlin could have had a fantastic book here, but what she did was draw out the sections unnecessarily.  I was rather bored reading this book.  I prefer dialogue driven books, and this book was not that – it is description driven.  The third section of this book was much better, but after a while, that was dragged out as well.

If you like a slow burn type of book, then this one is for you! You can get your copy of the book here.