Wish You Were Here

By: Jodi Picoult

Life happens when you least expect it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blueprint in your back pocket.”

Whoever said that only psychological thrilers can have amazing twists was WRONG! Jodi Piclout writes a masterful novel about personal strength and human insight.

Diana O’Toole had her blueprint of her life figured out at an early age. She knew when she wanted to get married, what her career was going to be, when she was going to have children, and what kind of house she would live in with her family. Everything was on track. She had a wonderful boyfriend, Finn, who was a surgical resident who was likely soon going to propose and she was on her career path of getting a promotion at Soethby’s, an art auction company.

Finn and Diana were on the eve of heading on vacation when Finn told her that the Virus that has been mainly outside of the United States has now arrived, and it’s all hands on deck at the hospital. Finn urges Diana to still go on the trip. She reluctantly agrees, figuring why waste the money.

When she arrives at her destination, her luggage is lost and the island is closing down becuase of the Coronavirus. She had to make a split second decison – go back or stay. Diana chose to stay. Now she is stranded on an island with no way off until the borders open back up. It is during this time she evaluates her life, her relationships, and that blueprint of her life.

This book wowed me. Jodi Picoult books usually do wow me, but this one in particular because there is a twist in the book that I never saw coming. This book is very insightful and provides another perspective about the early days of the pandemic. She has taken great care in reseraching her topics to provide the most accurate information.

I was enveolped in Diana’s character and could feel her emotions and changes as she was experiencing them. I could feel Diana’s mind shift, her struggles, and her desires.

The ending of the book left me wanting more. I want to know……!!!!!!

Makre sure to Pick Up Your Copy today!!!

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