Murder At The Book Club

By: Betsy Reavley

“…you’d think there was nothing more harmless than a book club.”

Nine women get together for book club. The book club used to be fun, but the last meeting was full of argument and people leaving early without ever having discussed the book. Then one of them winds up dead, and the murderer is among them… but who is it, and why do they kill?

This book was difficult to read because it was boring and it lacked depth. The writing felt very juvenile as well. There was no one character to grab onto for the reader to like. The book is self described as “gripping” but there was nothing gripping about it. There was hardly any detective work, and what was written about was very surface level work. It felt like the author didn’t want to research how investigations worked, so she put a little effort into it and just didn’t focus on that part. However, these is supposed to be a detective series, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work! I won’t find out because I will not be reading the next book in the series, as I think it would just be a waste of my time.

Two stars because I didn’t figure out who the killer was, but that’s the only reason it’s getting two stars. There’s nothing else redeeming about this book.

If you’d like to try it, it is a short book. You can find it here.


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