Next In Line

By: Jeffrey Archer

Thank you HarperCollins for the ARC of the this book!

Scotland Yard has a very important job – protect the royal family. An investigation into the Royalty Protection Command ensues, and Ross Hogan is tasked with the most important job of them all. An organization has set its sights on the Crown, and their sights are deadly…

The description of the book is why I wanted to read it. However, this is not unputdownable and it is not a thriller. It is an easy read, so that I appreciated. There are so many story lines happening in this book, and the biggest one doesn’t even come up and get semi-exciting until the last 50 pages of the book! I appreciate the fact that in the real world, investigators don’t usually just work on one case at a time. However, I felt that a lot of this book provided nothing toward the plot, or if it did, it could have been cut down.

I’m probably in the minority with my opinion. Afterall, he’s a best selling author.

This book will be available on Sept. 27. Get your copy here.


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