Mystic Wind

By: James Baretto

Thank you Oceanview Publishing for the gifted digital copy of this book!

Boston Prosecutor Jack Marino was a star prosecutor. After growing up from the projects,he really made something of himself. He mainly prosecuted gang members. He was beaten one day, presumably by a gang, and was fired from his job after his confidence was shaken. He starts working at his father-in-law’s law firm – a cushy, well paying job. That is, until his former mentor, asked him to take on defending someone that was accused of murder. But at every corner, something is in Jack’s way, and the circumstances are seemingly bigger than just a “simple” murder. Jack risks personal and professional ruin on behalf of his client.

Wow. This book was absolutely amazing! It was intense and suspenseful; it kept you on the edge of your seat, and it ended in a way that I never saw coming! There was one specific event that literally blew my mind. Barrett does a fantastic job with the courtroom scenes – very believable. As an attorney, I absolutely love legal thrillers. Barret also does a great job of providing each character with a distinctive personality and really writing in such a way that you root for certain characters, and despise others. For instance, I absolutely hated the judge. While I whole heartedly give this book 5 big stars, there was two little sentences that bothered me. During the trial, the Judge would tell the witness that they needed to respond with Yes or No so that their response was on the record. However, two times that the Commonwealth asked something of the Judge, for instance to approach the witness, and the judge nodded. A judge should know better. It’s not a huge deal, but just something I noticed.

This book is out now. I really hope you get your copy here, so you can enjoy this as must as I did!


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