How To Destory Your Husband

By: Jess Kitching

Thank you Jess Kitching and Kingsley Publishing for the ARC of this book!

Cassie Edwards didn’t believe in falling in love; that was, until she met Jaime.  With less than a month to the wedding, Cassie learns that Jaime has been cheating on her and instead of leaving him right away, she seeks revenge but only when the time is right.  She wants to find out the truth first.  As she delves into Jamie’s life, she realizes he’s been lying about more than just cheating.  It’s clear she doesn’t really know Jaime at all.  Is Jaime the right person to destroy?

Sophomore slump?  What’s that?  That’s definitely not what happened here with Jess Kitching’s second novel.  A new take on a revenge story is exactly what this is and is what I needed in my life!  I couldn’t put the book down and couldn’t read fast enough.  I had to know exactly how Cassie was going to inflict revenge!  The suspense was killing me!  What I didn’t see coming was just how deep Jamie’s deception was, the twist towards the end, and the twist at the end!  It left off like there could be a sequel.  A giant round of applause to Jess Kitching on a successful second novel.  I cannot wait to read her future books!

This book will be released on October 23, 2022, you can pre-order your copy here.


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