1421 Maple

By: Ray and Michele Fraser

Thank you to the authors for providing me a gifted copy of this short story!

Jimmy Michaels lived next to the empty lot at 1421 Maple. He and his friends would play football and generally just hang out with this friends there. One day, surveyors showed up, and a house was being built on that land. Jimmy and his friends no longer had a place to play. Mr. and Mrs. Crow moved in next door. He was mean, and she was odd. They were purely evil. Jimmy and a new found friend would only have one chance to rid the neighborhood of this evil.

This is a great short story read. It is fast paced and enjoyable. I didn’t see the ending coming, and honestly it’s probably because I don’t read these types of books normally. I absolutely loved the relationship between Jimmy and his dad; it was a nice to see a strong father son relationship. I also really enjoyed how genuine the author’s were in writing about Jimmy’s reaction to the lot being built upon. If you like paranormal reads, then you’ll definitely like this short story – and you’ll be able to read it in under an hour!

If you’d like to read this, you can get your copy here.


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