The Gift

By: Freida McFadden

A Christmas Novelette

Stella Hansen is working at a diner on Christmas Eve. She is newly married, and broke. She cannot afford a Christmas gift for her husband and she feels terrible. A pawn shop owner is a customer at the diner, and offers her a trade. A bit hesitant at first, Stella really wants to get her new husband something nice for Christmas, but at what cost?

The Gift is McFadden’s first novelette. Most books that I have read about Christmas are romance novels, and I do like these, but I really appreciate a good Christmas thriller! The concept is great, and I really enjoyed reading about the trade. I do wish it was a little longer, but that’s me being selfish since I absolutely love McFadden’s books. If you want a good little Christmas thriller, this is the book for you! You’ll get it read in less than an hour!

You can get your copy of this book here.


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