By: Kevin Spark

“Have you ever had a dream so real, so utterly convincing, that when you woke, the panic of guilt gripped so hard it squeezed out the doubt?”

Dr. Shelly is driven by her past. Her father was a murderer and she wanted to know why people do the things that they do. She engages in an experiment of sensory deprivation and virtual reality allowing the dark parts of people to surface. She has one subject, Adam, who she deems is perfect for this experiment. Detective Hopper is the man that caught Adam. And due to the escalation of his own anger, he is placed under the care of Dr. Shelly. Dr. Shelly also uses Detective Hopper in her experiment, and encourages him to let his own id free.

There are plenty of readers that are going to love this book. It is well thought out and the language is great. However, I am not the reader for this book at all. While I did enjoy seeing the difference between how one acts and their inner thoughts, the first chapter, and I did somewhat enjoy parts of the ending, that’s where my enjoyment stops. It was like torture for me to read this book; I was bored through most of it and was just skipping parts. But again, I think me and the book just didn’t mesh well, and it no way reflects on the author’s talent. I would recommend this book to someone who likes a cross between mystery/thriller and psyche. I wouldn’t call this a psychological thriller though.

Want to read this book? You can get your copy here.


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