The Second You’re Single

By: Cara Tanamachi

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press, St. Martin’s Griffin for the ARC of this book!

Sora, a freelance writer, hates Valentine’s Day. She calls it a “commercial love machine.” Afterall, she hasn’t had a good Valentine’s Day… ever. With her mom on her back to lose weight for her sister’s wedding, and her sister on her back about finding a date for the wedding, Sora proposes a series of articles about being single and solo in February. She empowers women to learn who they are and take care of themselves first instead of jumping into relationships. What Sora doesn’t account for is Jack Mann, the now handsome man who she knew back in elementary school. While there is a strong attraction, she can’t have her Solo February and eat her cake too! But since relationships don’t last, and men always let her down, and Jack isn’t any different, is he?

Are you in the mood for a cute, cheesy romance? Yes? Then this is the book for you! The Second You’re Single is on the shorter side for a book, and while I usually love that about a book, this one could have used some extra pages to make things not feel so rushed. Just because two people knew each other in elementary school and then reconnect 10+ years later, doesn’t mean that they really know who that person is now. It seemed like a lot of what Jack saw in Sora was things that he saw in her in kindergarten, and vice versa. While I could absolutely feel the spark between the two, I would have like a longer getting to know you courtship with the feelings between them growing instead of being instantaneous. Sora is also described to be on the heavier side at a size 14, which is honestly about average. I wish there was more celebration of that instead of so much negativity towards it. I did enjoy the relationship between Sora and her friend Stella, and the meaningful conversation Sora has with her sister, Nami. Overall, a decent, easy read.

This will be out on January 31, 2023. You can get your copy here.


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