In Her Head

By: J.L. E

“Someone was watching. Someone was waiting.”

Jade’s twin brother, Jackson, wanted to go to New York. So he got on the bus and headed to New York. However, 6 months ago, on that bus trip, Jackson went missing. Jade has been pressuring the police to find her brother, but she is unsatisfied with their efforts. What Jade learns is harrowing; will she find her brother?

This is a great little novelette. Slightly over 100 pages, and it reads very quickly. The first chapter sets the tone of the book, and it’s very atmospheric. The whole novel stays mysterious until we are supposed to learn what is happening and why it is happening. The novelette does need some extra editing. The problem that I had the most was with the court scenes. I am an attorney and it really felt like this author did absolutely no research into how court proceedings go. I don’t even mean the little nuances, but which side first gives opening statements, who asks the questions first etc… I’d be more than willing to help the author edit this section of the book! Even so, this doesn’t take away from the book.

If you’d like to read this book, you can find it here.


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