That Night at the Beach

By: Kate Hewitt

Thank you Bookouture for the ARC of the book and asking me to be apart of the blog tour!

It’s Labor Day Weekend and the Johnston’s head the beach like they do every year to spend the evening with the Rosses.  Cara Johnston and Rose Ross have been doing this beach trip every year since their kids were little.  They BBQ food, play music and games, and have a ton of laughs.  But this year, things are different.  Finn Johnston doesn’t really want to go – after all, it’s his last weekend free before school starts, things are awkward between Cara and Rose, and their husbands don’t seem to even be able to tolerate each other.  Cara and her husband, Michael decide to leave early, leaving the kids.  Cara and her husband Brad leave as well, knowing that Cara will pick up the kids.  But when Cara returns, some of the kids are drunk.  The next day, Rose’s daughter, Bella, claims that Cara’s son Finn sexually assaulted her.  He insists that it didn’t happen.  What happened that night?  Finding the answer may be a matter of life or death.

This book absolutely blew me away!  The first chapter pulls you in with a bang and makes you want to keep reading because you want to know what happened.  This book is thought provoking and heartbreaking.  It makes us ask “do we want to believe something so bad about one of our children” and “How far are we willing to go to protect our children?”  The story is told from each other mother’s points of view.  Hewitt wrote both of those characters as strong women in their own ways.  Cara is the doting mother, Rose is the cool mother.  As a mother myself, I had empathy for both women.  I can’t even imagine coming home and having my son accused of something so awful.  This was such a powerful book – one that everyone needs to read.  It touches on peer pressure and the downfalls of social media.  My hats off to Hewitt for such a successful novel.

This is availably on 1/19, get your copy here.


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