The Night Swim

By: Megan Goldin

“If every woman who felt afraid called nine-one-one, the switchboard would melt. That is what women live with every day of our lives.”

After the first two seasons of her podcast being successful, Rachel Krall knows that she has to make season 3 even better, but how do you beat exonerating a man in jail who should have never been there? Rachel decides to cover the rape trial in Neapolis, a small, North Carolina town. While her voice is recognizable, her face isn’t. So when she receives a note on her car from Hannah Stills, Rachel is very nervous. Hannah wants Rachel to help find out who killed her sister many, many years ago, but it’s always been known that Jenny, Hannah’s sister, drowned. Was she murdered? And do these two cases connect?

Wow, this book is amazing. I don’t know why it took me SO long to read it. Goldin has a way of writing where the words just flow and you become very engaged in the writing. I didn’t read the premise, so I went into this book blind. I really enjoyed the podcast aspect as I do listen to true crime podcasts. I liked the fact that Rachel was there, in person getting the information by attending the trial, rather than just researching online and regurgitating the information. It made it seem authentic. On top of that, we really got to know these characters and how everyone was connected. I could easily see this turn into a series or a movie, it’s just that good. There are descriptions of rape and sexual assault, so it may be triggering for some. If that isn’t a trigger for you, then this is a must read book!

You can get your hands on the book here.

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