An (Un)Romantic Comedy

By: Phoebe MacLeod

Thank you Netgalley and Boldwood Books for the ARC of this book!

Poppy is a therapist.  Her family cringes at her career because she is a sex therapist.  Normally, Poppy doesn’t see her whole family often, but her younger sister is getting married and now not only does she have to be around her parents, and siblings, but also around her nieces and nephews.  Her sister insisted on a week-long wedding celebration with events every day.  Poppy is not looking forward to this at all, but she never imagined she’s be a sounding board for so many people, with varying issues, including those for which she has expertise. She also never expected meet anyone when this was supposed to a terrible week with her family.

I enjoyed this book.  It is lighthearted and funny.  The love story was just a small part of this book and it didn’t feel like it was the main story line of the book.  The main story line was more focused on Poppy’s relationship with her various family members.  I enjoyed seeing the relationships blossom.  I also really enjoyed Poppy being there for her nieces.  It’s always something that I wish I had, someone to talk to about anything when I was a kid.  Someone who didn’t pass judgment and who I felt comfortable talking to – Poppy is that for her family.  However, I do wish that there was more romance in the book for Poppy.  The ending was sweet, but I wanted to see Poppy with Sam more in the book, so that I could connect with their feelings for each other.  I also wish that there was at least an epilogue so we can see into the future with Poppy and Sam.  Overall, a good read that I would recommend.

This book will be available on March 14, 2023. You can get your copy here.


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